Our Mission:

Improve access to healthcare, infrastructure, and opportunity in underdeveloped nations through innovation in aviation technology.

So that eventually we can say we have universal and sustainable transportation for everyone everywhere.


The worlds first vertical take-off and landing transition vehicle powered by alternative energy.



Cruise: 185MPH

Payload: 500LBS

Endurance: 400NM



Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL)

Hydrogen Powered

Transition Vehicle

Semi Autonomous/Autonomous 



Sally Jean is the potential for life saving medical delivery, MedEvac, and search and rescue in almost every environment. 


The ability to fly represents universal mobility and opportunity to victims of oppression in developing nations.


If we can use the air around us to travel faster and more efficiently, why wouldn’t we? Wind Craft Aviation is pioneering sustainable aerial transportation.

The Company

Wind Craft Aviation

was founded in 2017 by Alex Taylor. Alex grew up in the Middle East, there he was convinced that cost prohibitive practices in aviation was keeping the industry from realizing the full scope of it’s potential impact. After years of developing his own UAVs and becoming the youngest commercial drone pilot in the U.S., he set out in an office at a small airport in West Michigan to apply that same technology to manned aerospace.


Wind Craft Aviation is integrating breakthrough  technology into aviation in order to have an impact on those who need it most.

Our Vision

Is that one day aviation will be safer, more affordable, and more accessible world wide. So that eventually everyone can say they have the freedom to fly, the freedom to have sufficient infrastructure, and the freedom of opportunity through something as simple as an airplane.

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