In 2017 a 16-year-old conceived of a world where something as simple as a safe, capable, and affordable aircraft could catalyze socio-economic and technological change around the world. It required breakthrough technology strategically applied to a blank slate aircraft that operated under entirely new principals. The result is SJX and impacts are already being felt...

Why We Exist

Have you ever asked why something as universal as the ability to fly has gone without a presence in your life or the lives of the people who need it most? The science of flight, that was once pioneered by dreamers and inventors has been perpetuated in complacency. From the engineering of new aircraft to the components and applications they serve, Aviation serves a more limited role than it was intended to. Throughout the preceding 60 years, instead of becoming more and more affordable it has become more expensive to get you feet off the ground and realize all of the advantages that come with it. Wind Craft Aviation was founded to change all of that.

The Origin Story

Wind Craft Aviation began as a group of inventors and engineers who believed aviation could catalyze a better future, but in order to do that it had to become financially accessible through proprietary advances in aviation technology. It begged the question, if we had the technology to put a vastly more capable aircraft in everyone's backyard, why hadn't it happened yet? Turns out we didn’t have the technology, the EVTOL Industry as a whole was missing a key element. As inventors, we embraced the challenge and developed a power system that is orders of magnitude better than what is currently on the market. Combining the two proprietary elements we designed the first platform that will be the first EVTOL to truly match the utility of general aviation aircraft. Most EVTOLs cannot match the price and utility of a general aviation helicopter, and an EVTOL without utility is just an experiment. Wind Craft Aviation is pioneering “New Aerospace” to bring aviation into relevance for the general population again. It’s selfless innovation and aviation with a true impact.

Aviation with an Impact

The true impact of aviation is only felt when we consider the fact that a capable EVTOL supersedes industries and widens the scope of aviation as a whole to include almost everyone. Beyond faster, safer, more efficient and completely sustainable in many cases accessible aviation means infrastructure in underdeveloped areas, saving lives through medical delivery and relief in disaster situations. While other electric aircraft companies justify their lack of utility through limited operations in dense metropolitan areas the team at Wind Craft Aviation is determined to go where our technology is needed most. As a piece of hardware we are a fraction of the cost of a traditional general aviation aircraft, use fuel readily available, inexpensive and sustainable all while flying an Aircraft with unprecedented capabilities. As an aircraft with impact we have the potential to save lives, preserve the environment and give everyone access to the freedom of flight.

Meet the Team

We are a small group of inventors, hackers and designers from the differrent parts of the world on a mission.

Alex Taylor

Founder and CEO

John Rusek

Founder of Swift Enterprises

Allen Henviveld

Legal Counsel

Bruce Demedici

Business Development Aid

Alex Vanholstyn

Inventor/Product Development

Gavin Vonk

Developer and Network Engineer

Kees Vanleire

Engineering Intern