We Are

An aerospace company developing aviation technology in unprecedented new ways.

Whether it be delivering aid, evacuating refugees or simply sustainable transportation, what it means to fly will never look the same again. The Wright brothers did a good job, but we’ll take it from here.

Our Mission

To constantly and creatively engineer disruptive hardware while selflessly pursuing a new vision for aerospace; accessible aviation for all.


300NM Range
250 Pound Payload
Autonomous and
semi-autonomous operation
Vertical takeoff
and landing

300NM Range

250 Pound Payload

Vertical Takeoff and Landing

Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous Operation

The Impact

Imagine having the ability to travel 80% faster, 30% more efficiently and completely sustainably from anywhere in the world. All while providing services like access to healthcare, infrastructure and opportunity in remote areas. Accessible aviation proves a better future is possible in urban centers, and suburban backyards. That's the impact of accessible aviation.


With no need for ground-based infrastructures like roads and bridges, accessible aviation saves developed nations billions of dollars while providing faster, sustainable and more efficient transportation.


A vehicle like SJX is especially well suited for humanitarian missions within the military, protecting and evacuating civilians in areas of rising conflict.

Medical Delivery

In remote areas of the world, accessible aviation means affordable delivery of medical supplies and doctors where they're needed most.


We invent as stewards of the environment. A cleaner future means using the air that surrounds us as a means of transportation, not a place to deposit pollution.

Aid Delivery

After a natural disaster, hundreds of our vehicles can be deployed anywhere in the world within 24 hours delivering thousands of pounds of supplies and traveling across whole countries all without a pilot.

Search and Rescue

Compared to a helicopter, we can get to emergencies twice as fast with the same vertical capabilities. Our built-in autonomy means we do not need to put a pilot and crew at risk in high-risk situations.

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