Sally JEan Transpearant

We have a problem...

General aviation has not seen any substantial advances in technology whether it be aircraft design, manufacturing or maintenance in the last 50 years, why? The majority of the issue lies in a culture of complacency in general aviation. An industry that was pioneered with taking technological risks is now dominated by companies that build aircraft in the same general way with the same general components as their counterparts did 40 years ago. Making incremental improvements and specializing aircraft to take away from an existing market is a proven way to make a profit. The consequences is that a market with unlimited potential is going untapped, personal aircraft ownership is falling in favor of commercial airlines that are motivated by profit and have a fixed potential to have an impact.

The impact of aviation is not in the top 10%, it's in the bottom 90.

We don’t just wan to build good airplanes, we want to build good people with great aircraft. We want to empower and build up everyone and everything through aviation. Instead of monetarily incentivizing and manipulating our own consumers to help our bottom line, we fight for aeronautical freedom. Whether you’re a farmers’ son in Indonesia or a suburban American, there is one thing you have in common, Aviation is neither designed nor priced for you. The world changes when we innovate selflessly. So that’s what we’re doing.

The Freedom To Fly

Wind Craft is not hard to explain, we love to fly and think everyone should have that chance. Something as simple as that has an enormous impact on a 15 year old African boys’ potential opportunities, the chance you’ll be rescued stranded in the desert or that someone who is airlifted to a hospital survives.  

We Spell Progress R-I-S-K

We are willing to risk what they won’t. We’re willing to develop brand new technology to enable our mission. We’re willing to seek out and create an entirely new market in transportation. Why? Because we are not willing to risk failing to reach you. We’re not willing to risk getting distracted, chasing money and the american market, not impact and the world market. 





From the bottom up.

We meet our needs, that’s how you know we’re designing to meet your needs. We are not corporate venture capitalists. We are pilots, mechanics, engineers, machinist, entrepreneurs and inventors. We are the dreamers and believers in a common vision, one that sees a new future for aerial transportation and the human race.