Our Story

Our Origins

Wind Craft Aviation was originally founded in 2015 in Alex Taylor’s basement when he was just 14. Under the name “Wind Craft Quads” Alex built, sold, and maintained unmanned aerial systems and in 2017 under part 107 became the youngest commercial drone pilot in the country. His connection to aviation was a constant throughout his childhood. As an Ex-Pat in Istanbul Turkey his love to fly and the lack of resources to do so lead him to drones at a very young age. That passion and determination persisted until late 2017 when he developed a new vision for aerospace, one where we can fearlessly implement new technology into aerospace to close the gap between the human and the machine, make flying more intuitive, practical and affordable. So Wind Craft Quads became Wind Craft Aviation, we built a team of over 20 pilots, mechanics, engineers and inventors. Now we have our eye on you, we want you to have the freedom to fly, we want aviation to change and become more inclusive. We want this generation to be the first of many, who spell progress R-I-S-K. Wind Craft was founded on the dimple idea that accessible and sustainable aviation can change the world. And that’s what we’re doing.

Who We Are Today

Wind Craft is connection with significance. We fight for aeronautical freedom among brands and manufacturers who fight for their bottom line and sacrifice their creativity and ingenuity in the process. We’re disruptors, we’re needfully reinventing into an era of complacency. We seek new ways to solve problems that save lives using our God given ability to create, to take risks and empower individuals selflessly using something as simple as an airplane. We’re unique, we started and operated for 9 months completely on a volunteer basis. Our engineers came to room 336 every Monday night because they saw the potential for a project like this to change the world. More personally, to change their world. We designed and tested our first prototype, Sally Jean, to objectively go after and solve problems. We sought corporate sponsors and developed partnerships that made Sally Jean a beautiful blend of home grown and world class. We exhibited at the worlds largest airshow and we’re ready to hire our team and bring Sally Jean to market  in a way no one has ever seen before. The Industry is not ready for a company like us, but the market is. We’re bringing the ability to fly to those who need it most, creating dynamic solutions to solve problems in developing countries that will save countless lives and lift millions out of poverty. If you represent a democratic country that you would like to be considered for a project Contact Us.

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Founders Note

When we get asked why we’re so different, most of the guys on the team will point out that we have a 17-year-old at the helm. That is, after all the physical attribution of why we are genuine, why we don’t manipulate our purpose to get funding, and oddly enough have a culture and a purpose that centers around selflessness of all things. Selflessness in technology is what it would be like if theaters taught film school and started showcasing local filmmakers. It’s a risk, and a sacrifice but if you are a creator and not making a tangible sacrifice, what are you really giving to the world you live in? What is your contribution? And how is that going to effect change in the toughest of places, incubate growth in the poorest countries, and serve everyone indiscriminate of geography, economy, and culture. I founded Wind Craft Aviation to do that. 

We live in a world that is organized under false pretenses. We live in a world with expectations, to do any better than those expectations is a nuisance to do any worse is failure. To think outside of the box is to think within the box of the person asking you to think outside of it. And to break the rules is to be wrong. If this is the psyche of an entire generation, which I know it is because it was mine, there’s no wonder that we still burn fuel at 25% efficiency, fly the same planes our grandfathers did and mow millions of acres of grass, then buy our vegetables at the grocery store. We can’t change the laws of human nature, but we can raise a generation that is not tied down by the failures of the past. No one has to give you permission to become better, no one has to give you permission to pursue the impact that you want to have, to create, or discover.