Why not? Aviation is not just about flying, It's about freedom. Freedom has the power to give purpose to the hopeless, it's the solice to the tired and sick. It has the ability to provide and unite. We're pioneering futuristic energy infrastructure and designing some of the safest solutions for our toughest problems. We have the potential to rewrite history, empower the powerless and make aviation synonymous with creation and discovery again. In a virtually connected world, Wind Craft is connection with significance. I think the real question is, why hasn't it been done before?


Alex Taylor, Founder/CEO

Alex Taylor was raised in Istanbul with an insatiable desire to fly, disrupt and create. He founded Wind Craft at age 14 building drones in his basement. He became the youngest commercial drone pilot is the US at 16 and soon after began Wind Craft to reinvent the industry he was so vested in. He is the proponent and founder of several other concepts including Inventors Industries and Tool Switch. His favorite quote is by Albert Einstein, "I have no special talents I am only passionately curious".

Nate Slagter, COO

Nathan Slagter is an entrepreneur, machinist and engineer in all the right ways. Getting his start as a medical parts machinist he has never lost sight of his motivation behind creating new things, to improve the system, to improve products and as a result improve lives. He has carried that through to an initiative called Incentive Labs that reintegrates and educates adults to close the skills gap.

Alex Vanholstyn, CTO

Alex Vanholstyn is a patented inventor, creator, and adviser to Wind Craft. Alex is the ying to Alex Taylors' yang in terms of a steady hand during decision making processes and being a dependable asset since 2017. He is also furthering the cause with involvement in Wind Craft's partner organization, Inventors Industries.

Adam Marquardt, Mechanical Engineer

Adam is a junior at Calvin college and one of many local students working on the project.

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